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We don't just teach a kids' class. We teach their FAVORITE class.

You know, the one they won't stop talking about...

The one that takes them on a new imaginary adventure every week

Told through movement, crazy themes, obstacle courses, sound effects, props, and over-the-top teaching.

The one that builds their new confidence

In fitness, tumbling, dance, and sports skills

The one that builds their entire sensory-motor system

And doesn't over-specialize on one certain sport. (They are preschoolers after all!)

The one they keep asking for

Get ready, because Movin' Monkeys day is about to become the new BEST DAY of the week!

Join our Weekly Adventures!

Want to fly your rocket to the moon? Sail like a pirate on the high seas? Explore the wildlife in the jungle? With new theme-based adventures every week, your child will have their imagination supercharged!  

 "Children don't exist only from the neck up. They are thinking, feeling, moving human beings who learn through all their senses."     

Rae Pica

What Will My Child Do in Movin' Monkeys® Class?

What Will My Child Learn?

In our unique approach to movement and fitness, your child will have a blast working on:

  • Motor skills

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Tumbling

  • Dance

  • Sports skills

  • Exercise

  • Social awareness

  • Creativity and expression

  • Following directions

  • And confidence!

What are people saying

“We LOVE Movin' Monkeys!!! I only wish we had discovered it sooner. It is different from every other program out there. The kids move like crazy the whole time, and they love all the imaginary stories. My kids get bored with other programs, but never get tired of Movin' Monkeys!”


Melissa Christensen

Movin' Monkeys Parent

“My child loves Thursdays at school because he gets to do Movin’ Monkeys! He always comes home chatting about how much fun he has. We are so glad our school offers this for our kiddo!”


Erin Ashley

Movin' Monkeys parent

“We love, love, LOVE Movin' Monkey days!! He's always is so excited - we always need to make sure he wears the right pants so he can "run fast," as he says. He always comes home with new songs moves that he is proud of! I love asking him ALL about it when he gets home. It's also so easy because they come right to our school. Movin' Monkeys is our most favorite thing, and we are so grateful Tripp could be part of it! ”


Addie Allgood

Movin' Monkeys parent

A Message from Our Owner...

We get it.

You want your preschooler to grow healthy and happy. To be active. To find their activity passions.

But all the activity choices are just so... MUCH. 

Soccer, T-Ball, dance, gym, martial arts....

So demanding. So much time. So many accessories to purchase. So much commuting. So competitive at an early age.

And you want to know the truth?

Your preschooler will likely get bored of these specialized activities before too long. They will complain and want to try something different. (Trust this five-kid mom!)

There's nothing wrong with your kid when they say this. It's just that the sport/activity is too specialized for them, and they are not ready for that yet.

Preschoolers are just figuring out their bodies and what they are capable of.

Specialized sports are great for older kids, but not so great for our younger ones. 

So what do they need? What's the right answer for preschoolers? 

Let's think about kids for a moment....don't we know deep down that preschoolers learn best through play, imagination, and exploratory movement?

What if there were a class that looked like that? A class that uses the power of story and imagination. A class with playful movement exploration.  A class that lets a child explore ALL the amazing things their body can do!

That's what Movin' Monkeys is all about.

At Movin' Monkeys, we specialize in preschoolers. That's all we do. And we do it amazingly well. I hope you get a chance to see the adventure magic for yourself.

Happy Adventuring,
Lisa Hyde
Movin' Monkeys Owner/Instructor 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Movin' Monkeys classes special?

Where do we begin?

  • We teach fitness through the powerful, timeless medium of stories.

  • We use imaginations... a lot. We think it is much more fun to run from a dinosaur than to just run!

  • We teach all kinds of movement. We pride ourselves in being specialized in preschoolers, not in any one activity or sport.

  • We use AWESOME innovative obstacle courses to maximize movement and skill building.

  • We let kids be as they naturally are: KIDS! We embrace the fun, silly, energetic, and loud!

Does my child need special clothing or shoes for Movin' Monkeys?

Nope! Just clothing and shoes they can move comfortably in!

Do you just repeat the same class themes over and over?

Heavens no! We believe in having lots of variety and excitement in our program. Our curriculum spans two years of unique class content.

Where does Movin' Monkeys teach?

We are a mobile program, so we travel to schools, preschools, and childcare centers to teach our classes during the school day. This makes our program incredibly convenient for busy families!

How do you keep the children so captivated?

We are teachers, but we also see ourselves as performers! We captivate the child's whole brain through movement, visuals, sound effects, music, costumes, props, acting, emotions, imagination, and even magic tricks! Our classes are a feast for a child's body and mind!

How much movement will my child get in class?

At Movin' Monkeys, we keep your child moving and exploring their body throughout the entire class. We do not believe in siting and waiting in lines. Children leave our classes tired and spent!

Sounds amazing! How do we get started?

Just click the red button below to go to our registration system!

How does registration work?

  1. Click the link below to create an account for your child.

  2. Sign up for our secure monthly autopay system.

  3. Select your desired location and class. (Please note: the system will not let you select your class until your autopay is set up first)

  4. Make your first payment to complete your registration. (Mid-month registrations will be automatically prorated.)

And you're done! Tuition is automatically charged the first of each month. Easy Peasy. And you can cancel at any time by contacting our office. 

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