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What Parents are Saying

"We are loving Movin' Monkeys! My 3 and 4 year old are asking every day to do another an another. They are both highly engaged and are moving around and having a great time. The lesson material is definitely sticking with them too. They continue to repeat songs and phrases long after the session is over. We are loving it!"

<p>Kim Uribe</p>, <p>Mom </p>

Kim Uribe


"Movin' Monkeys Preschool is the perfect fit for us! I love how it is completely flexible for our schedule. My 2.5 year old retains songs and games from the classes, and his imaginative play has really blossomed since beginning the program. We are really enjoying it!"

<p>Annabelle Hyde</p>, <p>Mom</p>

Annabelle Hyde


"I can’t say enough about how wonderful this program is! You have truly done an amazing job."

<p>Cresta Featherby</p>, <p>Mom</p>

Cresta Featherby


Why Movement and Play? Because it's simply how kids learn best.

Research shows that promoting movement and activity in young children helps increase memory, perception, language, attention, emotion, and even decision making.

When language is combined with movement, learning can increase as much as 90%.

Check out the video of Circus Week and see how we skillfully blend learning and movement fun together!

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Our Unique Approach

Movin' Monkeys Preschool is designed to give your child a top quality education - packaged up with movement and fun!

"All learning begins with the body. It has to. It's our point of reference - our own personal, portable true north, so to speak. And for children, it's even more so because the body is the brain's first teacher. And the lesson plan is movement."

Gill Connell

A Moving Child is a Learning Child

Here's What Your Child Will Do in Preschool Class (Days 1-2)

Serious Learning. Serious Fun.

We put the FUN back in learning!

You won't believe how fast your child will learn with our effective, movement-based, "bootcamp" approach at academics

The Netflix of Preschool is finally here!

Members can access any of our content anytime.

Now you can finally do preschool easily and on your schedule!

We've released 14 weeks of content so far (42 episodes and 75 play prompts), and our content library keeps growing! We are building a two-year preschool program to get your little one ready for all their future school/life adventures!

Let's Get Kids Moving and Learning

Movin' Monkeys Preschool is open and ready to stream into your home!

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Adventure Learning Awaits

Preschool learning and movement designed to be engaging and fun!

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And Then on Day 3 Every Week Your Child is Rewarded with a Fitness-Based "Movin' Field Trip!"

Join us on a wild virtual fitness adventure related to each week's theme in real and make-believe worlds! Your child participates in active storytelling, movement, songs, challenges, and more!

<p>Miss Lisa</p>,

"Our Movin' Field Trips are the 'dessert' after your child's week of healthy learning - a fun way to celebrate, review, and apply everything they've been working on. They won't want to miss it!"

Miss Lisa

Movin' Monkeys Preschool Owner/Instructor

We Even Provide Video Play Prompts for Your Child on Each Preschool Day!

No more "Mommy, I'm bored!" The play and learning keeps going with themed activities for physical play, art, science, building, literacy, numeracy, nature, and dramatic play!

Imagination is Key to Learning

Every preschooler should have access to imaginative learning and fun!

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Preschool Without Tech Headaches and Wasted Time

Access your preschool classes:​

  • On demand, whenever it works for you

  • From any web-based device

  • Through a safe, YouTube-free, Ad-free platform

  • Using a super-simple Neflix-like experience

​​Why We Created Movin' Monkeys Preschool

​​We believe that kids should have access to a high-quality preschool education that helps them learn how they are meant to learn: through movement, fun, imagination, and play!

Start learning with us today!

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Movin' Monkeys Preschool Provides Everything You Need to Easily Preschool Your Child.

No hours searching Pinterest. No ridiculous supplies.

Simple. Effective. FUN.

Preschool Done for you

No need to sweat! We'll do the planning and teaching. You just be there to provide love and support - you know, the parent stuff.

Preschool whenever you want

Our families have unlimited access to all our classes and content. Now you can preschool on your terms without a strict schedule, commute, and other hassles.

Simple Supplies

You just need a mat (less than $37 on Amazon) and a few basic school supplies. You probably already have most of what you need - check our Supplies page to see what we recommend.

So much value

Our preschool tuition is probably just a fraction of what your local in-person preschool is charging. But now YOU can do it yourself, easy peasy!

Your Child's Teacher

Lisa Hyde (or Miss Lisa as she is better known) has been teaching her popular, unique, movement-based preschool classes for the last seven years.

She received her Bachelors degree in Mass Communication and her Masters degree in Public Administration.

Miss Lisa became passionate about the power of movement and play as she was preschooling her own five children. She LOVES kids and can't wait to be your child's teacher!

Learning Should be Engaging

Join us for movement-based learning and fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Movin' Monkeys Preschool?

Membership includes access to our three virtual Movin' Preschool classes per week, including our Movin' Field Trip at the end of each week, plus our educational and fun Play Prompts! It is everything you need to provide a fabulous, movement- and play-based education for your child.

Who is Movin' Monkeys Preschool for?

Movin' Monkeys Preschool is for anyone who wants to preschool their child at home in a way that is easy, fun, effective, and with an emphasis on movement and play.

The curriculum is designed to provide all the preschool education you need as a stand-alone program with no need to supplement. However, it can also be done in conjunction with an in-person program for those who prefer to do both.

The recommended ages for our program are 3-5, but we have many 2 year olds that are loving the program! Older children can also benefit from our program depending on their interest and needs.

Why should I care if my child has a movement-based education or not?

The short answer is that it is simply the best way to teach young children.

The brain of a young child prioritizes movement above all other developmental tasks. Movement is the universal "first language" of all kids.

Children learn by building on what they already know and see and feel. So it only makes sense to teach higher concepts and skills from that foundation of what they already know and love: movement.

If you were to ask any young child whether they'd like to learn sitting in a chair or if they'd like to learn up and moving, there's no question what their answer would be! They'd want to move!

Most preschool teachers and systems simply don't know how to utilize movement-based methods, and so they typically teach in the traditional sit-down ways. But we are helping to change that now. We invite you to join the "movement of movement" in preschool education.

What can we watch the videos on?

You will be able to access our videos on any web-enabled TV, computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. You can also use Chromcast or your phone to AirPlay videos onto most many TVs.

What will my child need?

Your child will need the following:

  • Access to the internet

  • A device to watch videos on

  • A preschool educational mat. Please see the Supplies page in our top menu for the link to the one we suggest.

  • Room in front of your device for the preschool mat where your child can move around freely and safely during our classes.

  • Basic school supplies. We keep things pretty simple, and many items can be substituted if you don't have the exact thing we use! Please see the Supplies page from our top menu.

  • Random stuff from around the house that your child can use as props. We're talking simple here: stuffed animals, wash cloths, socks, blankets, tissues, boxes of pasta, etc.

  • That's it!

How much will I need to help my child with Movin' Monkeys Preschool?

This program is flexible for your family needs. We designed it to allow your child to be as independent as possible so you can hopefully get other things done! But some caregivers like to be fully involved and help add to the fun and learning! We fully support both approaches; all are welcome here! :)

Some of our Play Prompts involve setting up quick little games or challenges that require help from a parent. Generally, they are quick with little to no prep, using everyday household supplies.

Younger children or those with shorter attention spans may need more support. You know your child best and should plan to adjust accordingly.

Do the classes go in a certain order, or do we jump around?

We recommend you go in the sequence starting with Week 1. Our curriculum begins simple and then becomes gradually more advanced over time, so your child will benefit most by staying in the designed sequence. That being said, you will have access to all available classes if you ever want to jump around or repeat a class your child loved.

All our videos are organized into "collections" or playlists, so all the videos you need for Week 1 are sequenced together. This makes things easy for both you and your child to find the classes you need.

What if we miss a day or go on vacation?

Your monthly membership includes access to all our classes we've created, so if you get off schedule, no worries! When you get back "to school," just pick up where you left off in the class curriculum sequence. Our online platform makes this easy as it remembers where you left off.

What if my child is already enrolled in a local preschool?

That's awesome! We love in-person programs too! Just keep in mind that most in-person programs are fairly sedentary and are not going to offer a movement-based approach to learning or our specialized "Movin' Bootcamp" approach at teaching academic concepts.

Many families are looking for additional enrichment programs for their child outside of school, and Movin' Monkeys is a fabulous supplement.

My child is older or more advanced. Can we still do Movin' Monkeys Preschool?

Yes! We teach our program in a layered approach that supports early learners as well as more advanced learners.

For example, in an alphabet mat game we might play during preschool:

  • A child that doesn't know their letters yet will still enjoy jumping around the mat and the physical fun of "jump guessing" which ones are right.

  • A medium learner will often be able to identify the correct letter to jump on, although with more processing time and potential errors.

  • A more advanced learner who already knows all their letters and sounds will also enjoy the mental and physical challenge of using their motor coordination, balance, and speed as they try identify and jump on the correct letter quickly. Movement helps them gain more mastery with speed and fluency.

This is the magic of movement-based methods: movement is the universal language of all young children, so no one is left bored in the corner.

That being said, if you feel the program is not right for your child, there is absolutely no commitment, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Do your curriculum themes progress seasonally? What if I join late in the year?

Our curriculum themes are not seasonally dependent. You may be learning about polar animals in the middle of winter or the middle of summer. Either way, it is fun and great to learn about polar animals, regardless of your current season.

In other words, you can become a member at any time and follow the recommended sequence without worrying about being off track.

What if I have multiple children that might want to participate?

Family moving and learning time is the best! The great news is, unlike most other preschool programs, your membership is good for your whole family, not just one student! (Those individual tuition fees add up!)

If you have multiple children participating at the same time, we highly recommend getting a preschool mat for each child. It will allow them to use their space freely and have full access to all the letters, numbers, shapes, and colors on their mat. It will also cause much less fighting! (Trust us on this one!)

I am an early childhood educator/director. Can I use Movin' Monkeys at my school with my students?

Yes! If you are involved in early childhood education, this program is a fantastic way to add additional learning and enrichment to your class week in a way that is engaging for your students' minds and bodies.

Some of our play prompts are designed for use in home settings and may require some adaptation, but the program works wonderfully in school settings! It can be used at preschools, daycares, home-based childcares, private schools, homeschool groups, and parent co-ops!

All our content is designed specifically for the needs of preschoolers. Depending on your needs, you could use it as your primary preschool curriculum, as a supplement to your current curriculum, or as an easy, enriching way to fill extra time in the preschool day.

Just be sure to have a classroom set of mats available, one for each child. (You can share the mats between multiple classes!) This allows each child to have access to all the academic content on the mat and gives each child the full-body, sensory experience to help them learn as the program was designed.

We have an affordable tuition package designed specifically for those who teach multiple students at a time.

Do you do academic seat work like worksheets and handwriting?

We believe strongly that the best preschool education for a young child is built on movement and play. The brain and body prioritizes the development of large motor skills before fine motor skills, so that is our first priority in the early years. Most academic seat work like worksheets is best for later when gross and fine motor skills have progressed.

However, there are many wonderful sensory, motor, artistic, and other fine motor tasks we feel are fun and developmentally appropriate to employ during the preschool years.

For example...

We would NOT have your child practice writing the letter C over and over across a line on page. (Most preschoolers won't want to do this anyway!)

However, we might have your child play with play dough to build the muscles and sensory receptors in their hands and shape the dough into a letter C. Or we might use a picture of the letter C and decorate it with finger paint or make a nature collage on it. These are seated activities that would be developmentally appropriate and fun for preschoolers.

Is this a fitness class? Will my child be up moving the entire time during preschool classes?

Movin' Monkeys Preschool utilizes many fitness techniques, but it is not designed as a fitness class. Rather, it is a movement-based approach designed to maximize engagement and learning in your child.

In our classes, your child will be engaged in a multi-sensory experience the entire time, often alternating between big-move and small-move/thinking activities. They will spend time moving on their feet, moving down on their mat, participating in songs and fingerplays with their hands, as well as playing engaging guessing games with their words and often their body as well.

They will also participate in storytime at the end of class, a sit-down activity allowing your child to fully focus on their language, literacy, and story comprehension skills.

All these activities are designed carefully to help your child engage, learn, and think in powerful new ways.

Is this a safe place for my child?

Yes! We created our program on a private platform where we knew we could keep your kids safe from ads and all inappropriate content.

We have designed all movement activities to be safe and appropriate for young children. However, there is always inherent risk of injury in any physical activity. Like all online fitness-related programming, you assume all responsibility for your child's participation in our program.

What if my child has special needs?

As a mom who also has a child with special needs, Miss Lisa has designed this program for children with all different abilities in mind. As any pediatric therapist will tell you, movement is a critical need for all children, especially for those with motor delays of some kind. We highly encourage movement-based learning as much as possible.

Your child's individual physical and development needs may require adaptation. Feel free to discuss this with your doctor or therapist if you feel it is appropriate.

I don't want my child to have too much screen time.

Way to go! We are on the same page. Children absolutely need to live, play, and learn in the "real world" to meet their developmental needs. Parents should certainly be cautious about how much screen time they let their children have.

Unlike Youtube, which is designed to keep your kids hooked for as long as possible, we have designed our program to be within healthy limits: just 30 minutes of excellent, movement-based preschool time followed by brief play prompts that encourage real-world play. We discourage over-consumption of our content.

And while our program does exist on a screen, your child will not be consuming our content in the typical passive way. Your child will be up on their feet, jumping, kicking, spinning, and yoga posing. They will be learning about the world around them, everything from ocean animals to dental care. They will be answering questions and playing real games. And they will have a real teacher - and while that teacher is virtual - she is still a real person that your child can form connections with.

We think that if there is an allotment in your day for good screen time, Movin' Monkeys should certainly qualify.

How much content will there be when we start the program?

Preschool videos started being released January 3, 2022, dripped out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You will have access to the entire library as each episode comes out.

Is there an online community we can be a part of?

Yes! We invite you to join us in our Movin' Monkeys Preschool Facebook Group!

This is a great place to ask questions, share pictures and videos of your preschooling adventures, and share helpful experiences with others. Having a community to support you with your preschooling efforts is an important part of success! Miss Lisa also reads and answers posts in the group and shares tips to help you in your preschooling journey.

The link to the Movin' Monkeys Preschool Facebook Group is:

How can I best help my child in this program?

Here are a few things you can do to be a great preschooling parent:

  1. Be nearby, excited, and supportive of your child when they are preschooling! The main preschool videos are designed to be used by your child on their own. We also include play prompts that work for independent play as well as play with a parent/caregiver, so be nearby and available for when they need you for a fun simple game/activity they just learned!

  2. Make preschool a regular part of their weekly/daily routine.

  3. Ask questions, ask what parts they liked best, and just let them talk. Allowing kids to talk about what they think is an important part of learning!

  4. Here and there, take the time to let your child show you on their mat all the cool letters, numbers, and shapes they've been learning and "quiz" them in fun, easy-going ways. Kids love showing off their mat skills!

  5. Remember that mastery is not necessary yet. Most of the concepts they learn in preschool will give them a head start but don't need to be truly mastered till kindergarten. Don't get hung up on the things your child doesn't know yet - every child is different and learns at their own pace. Just trust the process and know that they are going to be learning far faster than other methods they might be doing!

  6. Take pictures and videos of special moments in their preschooling adventures! Let your child know how special they are and how proud you are of their efforts!

Sounds AMAZING! How do I sign up?

  1. Sign up with the button at the bottom of this page. You will receive immediate access to our content to begin your preschooling adventures.

  2. Join our Movin' Monkeys Preschool Facebook Group. The link to the Facebook Group is:

We hope to see you in class soon! Happy adventuring!

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