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...With Adventures Instead of Worksheets

3-Month Preschool Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to preschool their child easily and effectively at home!

No wondering about what to teach. No planning, printing, stress, or boredom.

Just step-by-step, unbelievably fast learning built on play, movement, imagination, and adventure!

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"My son absolutely loves it and begs to do preschool daily!"

- Melissa Christensen

"She has learned more in the past three months than I ever thought possible."

- Jen Sawyer

"It's so fun and easy for me to do this program with my kids. I'm so glad I found this!"

- Tara Powell

99% of Preschool-at-Home Approaches Miss the Mark


They're Inappropriate

Worksheets, workbooks, apps, and other developmentally inappropriate approaches don't give children what they REALLY need during their preschool years.


They're Inefficient

Saving and pinning the latest adorable preschool ideas DISTRACTS parents from systematic efficiencies that would help them preschool better and faster.


They're Boring

Boring seat work kills the fun and excitement of preschool learning, making kids lose interest FAST.


They're Exhausting

Busy parents are typically asked to carry a HUGE burden planning, shopping, printing, and prepping and can't maintain the demands for long.

Until Now...

Everything You Need to

EASILY Preschool at Home with Movement, Play, and Imagination!

Preschooling has never been this easy, effective, and fun!


  • Everything you need to preschool your child at home with ease.

  • Expertly designed by early childhood educators.

  • Step-by-step path to help your child get smarter, more confident, and kindergarten ready.

Open and Go

  • Ditch the seat work: Teach your child using movement and play (how they WANT to learn!)

  • Printer and planning free: Spend your precious time where it counts - with your child!

  • Zero prep: Just open on any device, follow the scripts/prompts, and start teaching!

Relax, we've got you covered.

Your child will work on ALL the components of a top-notch early education:

  • Literacy, phonemic awareness, letters, letter sounds

  • Numeracy, counting, patterning, early math skills

  • Large motor

  • Fine motor

  • Science/STEM

  • Interactive singing/music

  • Art, crafts, and creativity

  • Speech, social conversation, expressing ideas

  • Dramatic play

  • Books and stories!

  • And more!

With 13 new fun themes every week!

  • Week 1: Super Me

  • Week 2: Pets

  • Week 3: Homes

  • Week 4: Feelings

  • Week 5: Weather

  • Week 6: Jungle

  • Week 7: Circus

  • Week 8: Wild West

  • Week 9: Family

  • Week 10: Ocean

  • Week 11: Clothing

  • Week 12: Space

  • Week 13: Bears

Watch this video demo to see what the lesson plans are like!

The Best Teacher... YOU!

  • Teach with confidence using best-in-industry resources

  • Use timeless, one-on-one methods designed specifically for busy parents at home

  • Bond with your child playfully

  • Adapt the program for your child, your family, and your life. *Even the busiest of parents can do this!

Hands-On Play Activities

  • Simple, themed, no-prep, hands-on play activities included with every lesson.

  • No stressing about supplies. We help you make "magic" out of everyday household objects and basic school supplies.

  • Let your child get immersed in exciting, creative, off-screen play.

Integrated Class Videos

  • Amplify your efforts with our 39 signature class videos that fully integrate with your teaching.

  • Access the videos on demand whenever convenient for you (three 30-min videos for each weekly theme).

  • Watch in amazement as your child shows you all they've learned each week!

"The videos are phenominal - like nothing else out there on Youtube or TV. They reenforce what I'm teaching him each day and make everything come to life. And they give me some guilt-free time to get other things done!"

-Kendra Thomas

Here are some 1-minute sneak peaks into the videos you'll get access to:

"I can't say enough about how wonderful this program is."

-Cresta Featherby

"Mikel has been learning and retaining so much through these play-based lessons."

- Sarah Sutton

"My 4-year-old son Landon is loving it! We do a lesson every day while his sisters go to school. It's really connecting with him!"

-Kathryn Moore

"Thank you so much for sharing this with us. This is making such a difference for my daughter."

- Damian Burwell

Things are about to get EASIER

Have you ever tried preschooling your child at home and thought to yourself, why does this have to be so hard???

My name is Lisa Hyde, and I'm an early childhood educator and a mom of five kids. Like you, I wanted to give my kids a great start to their learning.

As a teacher who has taught in preschools for years, I know all too well that true learning foundations are best nurtured in the home, not in school. We only get one chance to build those foundations right, and no preschool can do that as well as a loving parent can.

Sooo...I tried all kinds of methods to teach my kids during their preschool years: preschool-adapted curriculums, play-based curriculums, workbooks, worksheets, Pinterest, apps, etc.

But nothing worked well. Each method swallowed up too much of my busy life, required too much prep and supplies/printing, or created more problems for me. Or, worst of all, they became a boring chore for my kids.

Preschooling was truly exhausting and unsustainable for me as a mom! And I was a teacher with a masters degree, for heaven's sake! I kept thinking... surely there has got to be a better way.

After years of struggle, I now realize that I was going about preschooling all wrong. I've since learned a few key things about how to preschool effectively at home:

1. Work smarter, not harder. (Psst! The person "working" the hardest should be the child, NOT the parent!)
2. Teach from the feet up, not just the neck up.
Kids learn best when they are moving, playing, and imagining - and doing so with real 3D stuff. (Seriously, ditch the workbooks and online downloads - there are simple alternatives that are SO MUCH BETTER!)

3. Find Magic. There's magic, adventure, and joy to be discovered in simple things everywhere! Even if you live in the most boring house, you can help your child unearth incredible magic and learning everywhere!

Once you embrace these principles, you get to truly unlock your child's full learning potential. You awaken their wonder, curiosity, and imagination like never before.

I've seen it time and time again with my students and others who have followed this proven, step-by-step approach. It's such a beautiful thing to watch your child go from struggling to thriving!

I don't want you to make the same preschooling mistakes I did. I don't want you to get swallowed up in the latest sea of printables, get duped by the app makers, or get overwhelmed from intensive play-based approaches that overtake your life.

Preschooling really can be simple, affordable, crazy effective, and joyful for both you and your child. I'd love to help you do it.

Let's start this learning adventure with your child!

"So grateful for this program! My son literally begs to do it every day!" -Jane Bean

"My kids (7, 4, and 2) are all loving this program! The activities are so fun, and the quality of the videos is amazing."

-Miranda Reed

It's the perfect fit for us! I love how it is completely flexible for our schedule! -Annabelle Hyde

This Program Is For You If...

  • You have a child ages 2.5 to 6 years old and want to supercharge their learning and creativity at home.

  • You've tried preschooling before, but couldn't maintain all the work.

  • You want a complete, open-and-go, simple system.

  • You want to maximize learning for your child and minimize stress for you.

  • Your child enjoys play, movement, silliness, and fun.


What supplies do I need for this program?

We keep things crazy simple here. All you need is:

1. A preschool educational mat you can grab off Amazon for around $35 (sold separately with link provided after checkout). This is your main "school supply" for the program used in both the parent-child curriculum and videos to skyrocket your child's learning. The mat will allow your child to physically and playfully interact with letters, numbers, shapes, and colors with academic "thinking" games.

2. Basic school supplies (paper, markers, crayons, scissors, glue, paint, play dough, etc.) You probably have most of this already. We'll send links to recommended ones after checkout, but most of this you can grab at your local dollar store if you need anything.

3. Simple things from around the house: stuffed animals, clothing, paper plates, cups, wooden spoons, etc. Our program always lists activities with preferred items as well as alternatives so you'll never be without. That's it! Easy Peasy! We provide you with a one-page supply checklist you'll be able to download in the program.

FAQ image

How much content do I get?

There are 13 weeks of content in our Bootcamp program, so about 3 months of kick-butt preschooling!

Each week consists of three lesson plans, which you can do on any days of the week you choose. Each lesson plan includes an integrated 30-minute class video. In total you'll get 39 lesson plans and 39 class videos! Feel free to go through the content slower or faster - whatever works best for your family! Plus, you get access to all our bonuses and training resources so you have all the support you need for preschooling.

FAQ image

How do I access the curriculum and videos?

You can access all our resources through your customer portal on any web-enabled device, such as a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or TV. No need to print a huge curriculum binder! Phew! (Although we do provide a printable quick-reference version too for those who want it.)

Just open to the lesson of the day on your device and start teaching! It tells you everything you can say or do with your child. We designed this so you don't even need to prepare ahead of time. It truly is open and go!

For our 30-minute class videos, you can watch these on any device as well. If possible we recommend casting these from your device to a larger family room TV (we'll give tips on how to do that if you need). This will give your child the ideal opportunity to watch, move, and interact using the video and their body on the mat.

FAQ image

How long does it take to do each lesson plan?

You can do the lessons in as little as 15 minutes of one-on-one time with your child. But there is plenty of content to help enrich your child and stretch it much longer, as desired.

For example, if you are using our recommended class video for the day, that will add an additional 30 minutes of teaching in your child's day (but completely hands off for you as the parent).

There are also several themed play activities included with each lesson plan. You get to pick and choose which of these activities you want to include in your child's day. Since these activities often encourage open-ended, independent play, they might go quickly or take your child hours depending on how interested your child is in the activity. After all, it's play!

Our goal is to arm you with all the content you want to provide a great learning experience for your child at home! Some of our families like to do things quickly, while others make use of all the suggested resources to fill most of their child's day with fun learning, play, and enrichment!

How does the curriculum progress?

Much like real school, our curriculum gradually increases in complexity over time. We recommend starting with Week 1 and going forward in sequence from there. To help you follow the sequence, we provide sticker chart “maps” to help guide and motivate your child through each weekly theme!

But hey! You'll have immediate access to all 13 weeks, so you are welcome to jump around to different themes if desired. You can also repeat lessons or videos for more fun and practice! You're the boss!

FAQ image

What if I have multiple children?

Family learning time is the best! It's easy to adapt our curriculum for more kids just by changing the language a bit and adding additional household props, art supplies, etc.

For our 30-minute class videos, children often like to have their own mat for their own space. But you can also have them share if you like. Try it out with one mat at first and see what works best for your family.

FAQ image

What if I already have my child in a local preschool?

That's awesome! Many of our families participate in both! They enroll in a local preschool (often for childcare and socialization purposes), but then participate in our preschool program at home as well for the incredible, personalized learning experiences it provides, There are a lot of hours in a child's week, and this program will give your child the healthy enrichment opportunities that will help them thrive at home (and not wasting as much time on Youtube, shows, sedentary screen time, etc).

Will this work if I have another caregiver (babysitter, grandparent, etc)?

Absolutely! This program can be done by any caregiver to help ensure that your child's day is filled with fantastic enrichment and learning!

What if I don't want too much screen time for my child?

Way to go! We are on the same page. Children absolutely need to live, play, and learn in the real world to meet their developmental needs, and that is the heart of why this program can benefit your child. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Unlike Youtube and other programs that want you to watch as much of their video content as possible, we discourage overconsumption of our content. We have designed our program to allow screens well within healthy recommended limits for preschoolers: just 30 minutes three times per week. This leaves ample time for off-screen learning and play.

  1. Your child will not be consuming our video content in the typical mindless, passive way. Your child will alternate between being up on their feet, jumping, kicking, and yoga posing, and other times being still to listen, answer questions, and play interactive thinking games. Unlike a typical "show," this will feel more like what they'd be doing in an amazing in-person preschool class.

  2. Most importantly, the majority of our curriculum is done OFF the screen. Our video content simply acts as a "bridge" to inspire your child directly into one-on-one personal interaction and hands-on play and learning.

If there is an allotment in your week for good screen time, our videos should certainly qualify!

What if I want to use just the parent-child curriculum? Or just the videos?

We've designed the curriculum and videos to perfectly complement one another and recommend using both. That being said, the curriculum is fabulous all on its own, as are the videos all on their own. You can implement each component with your child however you see fit. You're the boss, boss!

Do I need to have the preschool mat before starting?

You can do the program without the mat, but it will be so much more enjoyable and beneficial to your child to have it when they begin. We recommend purchasing this program first and then ordering the mat (we'll give you the links at checkout). You can order it off Amazon or the manufacturer's website. You can then take a few days to get oriented with the program while you wait for your mat to arrive. When the mat arrives, you'll be ready to start teaching!!!

FAQ image

What are the benefits of doing this program vs a local preschool?

A local preschool can provide the benefit of childcare, socialization, and variety to a child's day, but when it comes to education, they are no match for the learning experience you'll be able to give your child in this program. Movin' Monkeys Preschool provides all the educational benefits of school, plus so many other advantages:

  • One-on-one learning opportunities

  • Personalized teaching for a child's needs and interests

  • Quicker and deeper learning of academic concepts

  • Less distractions from other students, misbehavior, etc.

  • Increased efficiency (less class time spent on classroom logistics, bathroom times, etc)

  • More convenient scheduling and timing

  • Less commuting time and stress

  • Better transitioning into play at home

  • Movement-based learning approaches that aren't available in schools

  • Better opportunities for imagination and creativity

  • Parent/child bonding

  • Affordability - so much savings compared to in-person school!

    Many of our families find this is the only program they need. We invite you to give the program a try to see all these benefits in your own child and family life!

What do we do when the 13-week program is over?

This program will help your child become a sponge for more learning, and the learning doesn't have to stop there! We encourage you to continue teaching your child with lots more learning adventures!

Since most of our families find their child loves learning this way, we've created more great resources. After checkout, you will be given the opportunity to add on to your order our full school-year of preschool program for those who would like it.

What are some of the teaching philosophies in this program?

(WARNING: Longer explanations ahead for those who are interested! Feel free to skip!) We have lots of educational strategies and philosophies that we feel are important for early education. Here are few worth noting:

Academics: In this program, we believe strongly in the power of fun and open-ended play, and you will see that reflected in our curriculum activities. But don't go thinking this is a light-weight program! This program is also academically rigorous - we just do it in sneaky, playful ways that children enjoy. We skyrocket academic learning through engaging movement activities, games, and adventures that always keep your child having a blast!

Reading: Reading is a complex skill that combines many things: visual awareness, auditory awareness, phonemic awareness, letter identification, sound identification, concepts of print, patterning, rhyming, tracking, speech, etc. Our goal in this program is to build all these foundational skills. Once properly developed, your child will be reading in no time.

Worksheets vs play: While other preschool programs may encourage lots of worksheets and handwriting drills (asking a child to write "A" over and over across a page), we feel this is a developmentally inappropriate waste of time during preschool. During preschool, a child needs to instead: 1) spend time learning the meaning behind letters/numbers in lots of different playful ways, and 2) build up their large and fine motor skills in lots of different playful ways. Working on these separate foundation skills as a preschooler will strongly prepare your child to later combine them together into the higher-level, complex, school-age skill of writing. Rest assured, your child will engage in LOTS of fabulous pre-writing and playful writing activities in this program that will help them become great writers later on! And by not worrying about worksheets, we can instead spend our time on more critical preschool skills right now.

Calendar Time: For similar reasons, we do not waste time working on the calendar, time, or memorizing the months of the year or days of the week. Preschoolers are at the stage when day/time should simply be discussed in ways that are meaningful to the child ("Halloween is in two days" or "we'll go to the park after lunch.") Later, when the child is better able to understand abstract concepts like Monday and November, they will pick this up quickly. But we feel calendar activities should not be a focus of preschool class-time learning; there are other more important things to cover.

Letter of the week: Many traditional preschool programs use a "letter of the week" format, where one letter is covered each week. In our experience, this takes a very long time to complete and is not ideal for the memory capacity of a young child. By the time a class gets to Y and Z they've completely forgotten what they learned about A and B. We instead use a better approach that teaches two letters a week (including a review day), which helps kids learn their letters faster with better understanding of their relationships to one another. It also allows us to loop through the entire alphabet twice over the course of a year (plus weeks for review) for much better practice and mastery. We also incorporate many games and playful methods using all the letters to help make them meaningful to the child in their life.

Movement: All learning begins with the body. Motor skills are one of the most critical skills to focus on during your child's preschool years. Therefore, we utilize our bodies in lots of ways in this program, which radically enhances learning and child engagement. Your child will be alternating between large movement activities, sit-down thinking activities, and play-based fine motor activities all designed carefully to help your child move, engage, learn, and think in powerful new ways.

Art and projects: Some believe in product art ("cut out these shapes and make this fire engine") and those who believe in process art ("here's some materials so you can make whatever you want"). We offer a healthy mix of both. We tend to favor open-ended process art because it is developmentally enriching for children and much less stressful for children and caregivers. But we do include product art when creating a specific objects we know children will enjoy and contribute to a specific learning outcome for discussion (such as a science experiment) or imaginative play (such as a hat or magic wand).

Social emotional: Children learn best when they feel loved, valued, heard, and appreciated. Social emotional aspects are vitally important for preschooling success. (Your child won't learn much if they're feeling upset or unheard). This is especially true during the ego-centric preschool years, when a child wants to learn and talk about everything using their own stories and experiences. We approach every lesson plan with a strong focus on building connection and conversation between the parent and child. We want to give the child every opportunity to feel heard, respected, and valued.

Religion and values: We have chosen to make this program non-religious, and we welcome families of all faiths and ideologies. We encourage good basic values in our teaching, such as being a good helper, a good friend, being polite, etc. You are welcome to adapt the teaching for your family values.

What if I'm nervous to try to preschool my child at home?

That's because you've never used Movin' Monkeys Preschool before! We've done all the hard work for you so all you have to do is the fun stuff! Just follow the scripts, talk to your child, use the videos, and play! It doesn't matter what your educational background is; if you love your child, you have everything you need to preschool like a champ! You've got this!

"Thank you for providing this fun and engaging learning program for my son! He loves it!"

-Jen Glassen

"Love it! He gets so excited each day we do the lessons. I love that it's teaching him the letters and letter sounds and how to use his imagination!"

- Hayley Jensen

"My 4-year-old loves it. It's been a great way to do preschool on the days he is home with me. It's such a complete preschool program. So much better than random TV!"

- Stephanie Oblad

Let's recap what you get in this 3-Month Preschool Bootcamp:


13 weeks of our Movin' Monkeys Parent-Child Preschool Curriculum

Three themed lesson plans per week (total of 39 lesson plans!) with everything you need to build a strong preschool foundation for your child.

(Value: $249)


13 weeks of our integrated Movin' Monkeys Preschool Class Videos

One 30-minute, learning-packed video for each lesson day (39 total videos!)

(Value: $249)

Plus you get all these BONUSES!

To help you be successful!

Our lesson plans are completely printer free, but we recommend printing several of these resources as you start the program as they will be an outstanding help to you!


The Movin' Monkeys Game Card System

Get this exclusive set of printable cards that match all the letters and imagery on your preschool mat, allowing you to play 19 different interactive learning games! These games will challenge your child's letter and letter sound skills in playful, physical ways. Don't settle for boring worksheets or flash cards when you can use these super fun game cards to speed up your child's learning! (Value: $24)


Movin' Monkeys Preschool Sticker Adventure Maps

These custom designed printable "maps" will guide and motivate your child through all 13 weeks of their preschooling adventure! Reward your child with a sticker each time they complete a lesson to help them track their progress.

(Value: $15)


The Movin' Monkeys Easy Assessment Tool

This simple two-page printable will help you multiply the effectiveness you have as your child's teacher. It will allow you to easily assess your child's current knowledge and abilities. Armed with this information, you'll be able to customize games and activities specifically for your child's level of understanding and what they are working on to get to the next level faster without wasting time. (Value: $19)


Movin' Monkeys Getting Started Checklist

This one-page tool will give you the first quick steps you can to take to start preschooling! Check each box, and you'll be ready to preschool!
(Value: $5)


Movin' Monkeys One-Page Supply List

This one-page supply list will help you grab nearly everything you need for the entire preschool program. This printable will get you stocked with what you need fast.
(Value: $7)


Movin' Monkeys Printable Curriculum

This abbreviated, quick-print version of our full curriculum will help you quickly know what you've done and what's coming ahead in your preschool adventures. This is great for hanging on your wall, inside a cupboard, or in a binder for quick reference on the go!
(Value: $8)


Movin' Monkeys Rockstar Preschool Parent Training

This quick training will be all you need to start preschooling successfully with your child!

(Value: $24)


Movin' Monkeys Preschool Community

Don't do it alone! We invite you to join our Movin' Monkeys Preschool Facebook group so you can connect with a community of families who are preschooling with the help of this program!

(Value: $59)

And your special limited time BONUS:


Access to the 3-Month Preschool Bootcamp program FOREVER (no monthly subscription!)

We normally offer this program on a monthly subscription basis because it is a ton of amazing content that keeps kids busy and learning at home for a long time! But if you buy right now, the whole Preschool Bootcamp will be yours forever! This is a killer deal we've never before offered! Don't miss this awesome opportunity! (Value: $200+)

Total Value: $859

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