Unlock Your Child's Full Potential
Unlock Your Child's Full Potential

Unlock Your Child's Full Potential

By Turning Screen Time into Enrichment Time

The solution that gets your preschooler:

  • Kindergarten ready

  • Thinking and learning

  • Moving their whole body

  • Imagining and creating

  • Playing in the real world

  • Having a blast easily at home

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Families LOVE Movin' Monkeys Preschool!

Melissa Christensen
Kim Uribe
Jane Bean
Annabelle Hyde
Stephanie Oblad
Miranda Reed
Cresta Featherby
Sarah Sutton
Damian Burwell
Kathyrn Moore
Jen Glassen
Hayley Jensen

"My son loves it so much and begs to do it daily. He gets to move and have an adventure that is so fun, he doesn't even realize he is learning! He has started pointing out letters and telling me their sounds. I attribute that completely to this program. It's stress free for me, and sometimes I'm able to squeeze in a shower while he's doing it!"

Melissa Christensen

"We love Movin' Monkeys Preschool! My 3 and 4 year olds ask for it every day! They are learning so much, are highly engaged, and are moving around having a great time."

Kim Uribe

"My son begs for Movin' Monkeys, and I let him do it every day, even for long periods, guilt free! It gets him moving, learning, and his imagination going. 

Ms. Lisa is incredible at getting children to engage, move, focus and learn through the screen! So grateful for this program!"

Jane Bean

"It's the perfect fit for us! I love how it is completely flexible for our schedule."

Annabelle Hyde

"My 4 yr old loves it! He attends part-time preschool, and this has been a great way to do preschool on the days he has been home. Each episode builds on each other, so it feels more like a real preschool program and not just TV."

Stephanie Oblad

"My kids (7, 4, and 2) are all loving Movin’ Monkeys Preschool! We think you’re amazing, and the quality of the videos is amazing."

Miranda Reed

"I can’t say enough about how wonderful this program is! You have truly done an amazing job."

Cresta Featherby

"We have loved Movin' Monkeys! The videos can be watched anytime, which is perfect for our hectic schedule, and I appreciate that I can be as involved or hands off as I'd like! Mikel has been learning and retaining so much through the play-based lessons and has so much fun doing them. I hear him repeating songs and bits of the lessons, and he is already recognizing the letters taught! We were on the fence about whether to enroll or not, and we have been very pleased with Movin' Monkeys!"

Sarah Sutton

"Maci absolutely loves the programming, and we use our hand binoculars everywhere we go now. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and this is making such a difference for my daughter."

Damian Burwell

“My 4 yr-old son Landon is loving it!  We do one every day when his sisters go to school. You’ve done such a great job and the content is really connecting with my son. He does all of the things you ask and he sort of believes that you can hear him!  Haha it’s really cute to watch how much he’s enjoying it.  So glad you did this!”

Kathyrn Moore

"Thank you for being a fun and engaging learning option for my son, from the comfort of home, during a time when he was not able to attend a typical preschool. You are correct that kids learn while moving, especially at this young age. Sitting still surrounded by 20 kids in a classroom doesn’t work for every child. He loved reciting the ending chant and was always excited for the field trip ones. The segment on teeth even helped him get through his first dentist appointment!"

Jen Glassen

“Jordan and I have loved Movin’ Monkeys Preschool! He gets so excited when I turn it on. I love that it gets him up and moving off the couch! Miss Lisa is so fun and engaging, and Jordan gets so excited to go on her adventures. And I love that it reinforces what he’s been learning about the alphabet, the letters, the sounds, and to use his imagination. It’s been so fun! It’s been great for us!”

Hayley Jensen

Ready to TRANSFORM learning at your home?

Stop giving your child screen time that entertains but does not truly enrich. Watch the video to see how Movin' Monkeys Preschool can help you start a brand new learning adventure for your child.

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Parent Approved
Parent Approved

Easy, fun, and tested by families around the world

Preschool On-Demand
Preschool On-Demand

Access our fantastic preschool curriculum whenever it's right for you.

Movement and Play Based
Movement and Play Based

Teaching the ways kids want to learn - with movement and play!

Imaginative Learning Fun
Imaginative Learning Fun

Ignite your child's imagination and creativity

The At-Home Curriculum that Moves, Educates, and Entertains

Here's the bitter truth. Most of the TV and Youtube shows your child watches are little more than mindless eye candy - even the ones advertised as "educational." But now you have access to a high-quality preschool program at your fingertips - that your child will actually be begging for.

Scroll through our full 32-week curriculum (96 class episodes and growing)! Click to watch the trailers!

Week 1: Super Me

Let's learn about yourself this week and then use your super powers to help Miss Lisa save the stuffies that were stolen them from the playground!

Week 2: Pets

Let's learn all about different kinds of pets and help Miss Lisa throw a birthday party for her new adopted dog!

Week 3: Homes

Let's learn all about the homes people live in and help Miss Lisa get away from the big bad wolf in her adventure with the three little pigs!

Week 4: Feelings

Let's explore our feelings this week and help Miss Lisa eat all the different "feelings" apples at the orchard to earn the big suprise!

Week 5: Weather

Let's learn the different kinds of weather and help Miss Lisa go up in the sky to find out what is making all the thundering noise!

Week 6: The Jungle

Let's learn all about jungle animals and help hungry Miss Lisa look for bananas in the jungle!

Week 7: Circus

Let's learn all about opposites this week and help Miss Lisa save the circus by helping out as a clown!

Week 8: Wild West

Let's learn all about real cowboys and help Miss Lisa go on a real cattle drive at the ranch!

Week 9: Family

Let's learn all about our different family members and help Miss Lisa escape from the family dungeon!

Week 10: The Ocean

Let's learn all about animals in the ocean and help Miss Lisa as she goes on an ocean adventure down through the drain of her bathtub!

Week 11: Clothing

Let's learn all about different kinds of clothes and help Miss Lisa on a crazy clothes adventure!

Week 12: Space

Let's learn all about what it is like in space and help Miss Lisa on her intergalactic mission!

Week 13: Bears

Let's learn all about bears and help Miss Lisa on her mission to help bring the baby cub back to its mama!

Week 14: Baking

Let's learn about how we can bake things and help Miss Lisa as she becomes the gingerbread man and runs away!

Week 15: Transportation

Let's learn all about differnt kinds of transportation and help Miss Lisa on her vehicle adventure to find Movin' Marvin!

Week 16: Teeth

Let's learn all about teeth, how to take care of them, and help Miss Lisa on her loose tooth adventure to the inside of her mouth!

Week 17: Colors

Let's learn all about colors of the rainbow and help Lisa restore the colors in the world that have gone black and white!

Week 18: Dinosaurs

Let's learn all about dinosaurs and help Miss Lisa as she finds herself in a jurassic world!

Week 19: Penguins

Let's learn all about ice and penguins and help Miss Lisa journey back to her penguin colony!

Week 20: Plants

Let's learn all about different kids of plants and living things, and then let's help Miss Lisa on a plant adventure as she tries to climb Peak Mountain!

Week 21: Pirates

Let's learn all about pirates and then go on an adventure to find the buried treasure!

Week 22: Seasons

Let's learn about the four seasons this week and then help help Lisa restore the seasons to a seasonless world!

Week 23: Being Healthy

Learn about the eating, exercise, and hygiene habits that help you be healthy, and help Miss Lisa on her trip inside the human body!

Week 24: Construction

Let's learn all about construction and help Miss Lisa build a school!!!

Week 25: Insects

Let's learn all about different kinds of insects and help Miss Lisa as she turns into each insect she catches!

Week 26: Royals

Let's learn all about what real royals are and help Miss Lisa save the princess from the evil dragon!

Week 27: Farm

Let's learn all about baby animals and things that come from the farm and help Miss Lisa find her dog at the CRAZY farm!

Week 28: Fire Safety

Let's learn all about fire and fire safety and help Miss Lisa save her house from the fire!

Week 29: Nursery Rhymes

Let's practice our nursery rhymes and go on an adventure to fix all the mixed up nursery rhymes!

Week 30: The Five Senses

Let's learn all about our five senses and go on a trip to the zoo to explore each one!

Week 31: Sports

Let's learn about different sports and help Lisa master several sports to try to earn a spot on the podium!

Week 32: The Beach

Let's learn all about the beach and its creatures this week and help Miss Lisa find a pearl in an oyster!

To the busy parent of a 2-5 year old

Hey there! Lisa here!

I am thrilled to have you here. Whether your child is at home with you or in a local preschool, I want to help you transform learning for your preschooler. And I really do mean TRANSFORM.

Like you, I really wanted to nurture a love of learning in my children (I have five myself).

I tried all kinds of methods to teach my kids during their preschool years: curriculums, workbooks, worksheets, apps, learning shows, random ideas from the internet, etc.

But, sadly, none of these worked for us for very long.

The kids loved each new program at first, but soon got bored and treated it like a chore. And I always got too busy with life or too tired to maintain it.

I later learned that all of these approaches suffered from one of two major flaws:

  1. They weren't TRULY developmentally appropriate for the natural needs of preschoolers

  2. They relied too intensively on me as a busy parent to be the "middle man" of all learning for my child.

Without a good learning-based system for our family, we often spiraled into bad habits. The kids fell deeper into sedentary screen time. They became less curious. There was a lack of creative, imaginative, and physical play. And I was racked with guilt over how uninspiring our life at home had become. I knew my kids deserved better.

Finally, after a lot of struggling, I stumbled upon a new approach to teaching preschoolers that transformed my kids and our life at home. It changed everything I did, both at home and in my professional teaching.

I now call it "adventure-based" learning, built on the power of movement, play, and imagination. It makes learning come to life!

I want you to know that you can transform learning for your child too. And it is super doable, even for the busiest of parents.

Here is my guarantee for your child...

In just three months of doing Movin' Monkeys Preschool (playing about three videos a week and doing a few related play prompts), your child will:

  • Develop a deeper love of learning. They'll be asking YOU when they can do their next class.

  • Have more confidence in their letters, letter sounds, numbers, shapes, and colors, proudly showing them off to you.

  • Be more active and find more joy in physical movement, action songs, etc.

  • Play in the real world more creatively and imaginatively than before.

I'm confident you are going to love it. In fact, I even guarantee it. If you give the program a good solid try and don't get the above results, I will personally refund all your payments to you.

Yes, you heard that right.

This is truly risk free to get the learning results you want for your child.

And if you keep with it, you won't believe how smart and confident your child will become over time.

I encourage you to learn more about this program and see if it is right for you.

Trust me, a few months from now, you will be so glad you did.

Happy adventuring!


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Learning at your Fingertips

Our entire Movin' Monkeys Preschool library is conveniently available whenever you want it. Use our safe, ad-free platform on any web-enabled device or cast to a TV.

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Who is Movin' Monkeys Preschool for?

  • Families with children ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Younger and older children enjoy it as well!

  • Families wanting an EASY preschooling-at-home approach that emphasizes playful academics, movement, and imagination.

  • Families wanting to supplement the education a child is receiving at a local preschool/daycare.

  • Schools and daycares looking for engaging educational programming to use in the classroom with their students.

Who is this program NOT for?

  • Those who want lots of worksheets and handwriting drills (we use more playful, developmentally appropriate ways to teach preschoolers)

  • Those who prefer to have their child sitting down in a chair

  • Those who prefer traditional teaching practices without movement, imagination, playful academics, and learning adventures

What are the classes like?

Each of our classes are 30-40 minutes long, with three themed classes per week (although you can do them at whatever pace you want).

  • On Days 1 and 2 of each week your child will have Movin' School Days, with

    • Academic time

    • Song time

    • Game time

    • Theme time

    • Movement challenge time

    • Mat time

    • Story time 

  • Then Day 3 is Movin’ Field Trip Day, where your child will get to apply all the knowledge they’ve learned on a fun movement-based adventure! Don't miss out on these feasts of movement, music, and learning!

How do the classes progress?

Much like real school, our curriculum builds in complexity over time, so the classes are sequenced starting with Week 1. We provide sticker chart “maps” to help guide and motivate your child on their class journey.

Members have access to our entire library of classes, so you can go in the recommended order or jump around and repeat classes for more fun and practice!

Our curriculum themes are not seasonal or school-schedule dependent, so you can become a member at any time without worrying about being off track.

What do I need for the program?

We keep things crazy simple here. All you need is:

  • A preschool educational mat you can grab off Amazon for around $35, which is key to help your child physically interact with letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in our program.

  • Basic school supplies (paper, markers, crayons, scissors, etc.) and things from around the house. Please see the supplies page for more info.

Why Movement?

All learning begins with the body. In order to learn, a young child needs to see, touch, and interact with the world through the senses. Movement makes all those interactions possible.

Because of this, the brain of a young child prioritizes MOVEMENT above all other developmental tasks. Movement is truly the universal first language of all children, and all learning builds from that foundation.

Harnessing the natural need for movement is the key to unlocking your child's learning potential. You'll be amazed by how much more your child will learn compared to traditional "watch and listen" teaching methods.

Who is the teacher?

  • Lisa Hyde (Miss Lisa) is a professional preschool educator, preschool movement expert, and a mom of five children.

  • In her desperate search to help her own developmentally-delayed child, she discovered the incredible power of movement-based methods and how they transformed her daughter's learning as well as other children she taught. She soon began using movement-based practices in all of her teaching.

  • She has been teaching her unique, movement-based preschool program in schools, daycares, homeschool groups, events, and virtually for the past seven years.

  • She received her Master of Public Administration degree with an emphasis in pediatric public health.

  • She is passionate about helping to transform preschool learning approaches and making preschool more accessible to families all over the world.

We don't just teach preschool.
We transport kids into unforgettable learning adventures!

We can't wait to see your child's learning and imagination take flight!

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What will my child learn?

So much! Your child will learn letters, letter sounds, literacy skills, numbers and numeracy skills, shapes, colors, patterning, rhyming, auditory awareness, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, lots of music, and stories!

This program is academically rigorous, but we are super sneaky about it. (Shhhh!) We do it all through engaging movement activities, games, and adventures that always keep your child having a blast!

Our robust curriculum is based on extensive research and best practices in early childhood education, but with our specialized Movin' Monkeys twist that skyrockets your child's learning.

How much will I need to help my child?

We designed this program to allow your child to be as independent as possible so you can hopefully get other things done!

But some caregivers like to be fully involved and help add to the fun and learning! We fully support both approaches; all are welcome here! :)

Younger children or those with shorter attention spans may need more support.

The optional Play Prompts are generally quick with little to no prep, but sometimes involve setting up quick little games or challenges that require help from a parent.

What if I have multiple children that want to participate?

Family learning time is the best! And your membership is good for your whole family, not just one student! (Those individual tuition fees add up!)

Ideally, we recommend a mat for each student, but you can have them share if you like.

"This is making such a difference for my daughter."

- Damian Burwell, Movin' Monkeys Preschool customer

Is this a fitness class?

Movin' Monkeys Preschool utilizes many fitness techniques, but it is not a fitness class. Rather, it is a movement-based learning approach designed to maximize engagement and learning in your child.

Your child will be alternating between movement activities and thinking activities. They will spend time moving on their feet, moving down on their mat, participating in action songs, as well as playing engaging guessing games. They will also participate in storytime at the end of class, a sit-down activity allowing your child to fully focus on their language, literacy, and story comprehension skills.

All these activities are designed carefully to help your child engage, learn, and think in powerful new ways.

What if I don't want too much screen time for my child?

Way to go! We are on the same page. Children absolutely need to live, play, and learn in the real world to meet their developmental needs.

We have designed our program to be within healthy limits: just 30-40 minutes of excellent, movement-based preschool time, followed by brief play prompts that encourage real-world play. We discourage over-consumption of our content.

And while our program does exist on a screen, your child will not be consuming our content in the typical passive way. Your child will be up on their feet, jumping, kicking, spinning, and yoga posing. They will be answering questions and playing real games. We think that if there is an allotment in your day for good screen time, Movin' Monkeys Preschool should certainly qualify.

What if I already have my child in a local preschool?

Excellent. Many of our families participate in both a local program and Movin' Monkeys Preschool for its many academic, movement, imaginative, and convenience benefits.

For example, in comparison to local preschools, our program provides:

  • Quicker and deeper learning of academic concepts

  • More concentrated learning (less distractions from other students, misbehavior, etc.)

  • Increased efficiency (less class time spent on classroom logistics, bathroom times, etc)

  • More convenient scheduling and timing

  • Less commute and stress

  • Safer environment when there are health concerns

  • Better transitioning into real-world play at home

  • Movement-based learning approaches that aren't available in schools

  • Better opportunities for imagination and creativity

  • More affordability

We invite you to give the program a try to see all these benefits in your own child and family life.

What are the play prompts?

Play Prompts are your new best friend! They are quick, optional, 2-3 minute videos introducing your child to fun play activities they can do, as inspired by the themes of our preschool class videos. They are perfect to do once your child has finished a class to enrich and extend the learning.

Play Prompts feature physical play, art, science, building, literacy, numeracy, nature, dramatic play, and more! The ideas are directed to your child and always simple using basic household supplies.

Check out the video to see what Play Prompts are like!

Can I really preschool my child this way?

Yes! We pride ourselves in being the most effective but also EASIEST virtual preschool system around. No need to sweat! We'll do the planning and teaching. You just be there to provide love and playful support - you know, the parent stuff.

We give you everything you need to effectively preschool your child easily at home, including our class videos, play prompts, game card system, sticker charts, supply checklist, assessment tool, and more.

We also give you access to our "Rockstar Preschool Parent Training" and our Movin' Monkeys Preschool Facebook group. We invite you to join our community of families who are loving preschooling with the help of this program!

Unbelievable Value. Simple Tuition

Normal tuition is $55/month, but we've lowered it temporarily for the holidays! Lock in your rate below before the price goes back up again!

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Unlimited preschool classes. A fraction of local, in-person preschool rates.
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